RPT Release Notes 2019.08.08

Allow a user to toggle the download setting for a confidential evaluation:

When attempting to change the download settings (specifically to off) for a document in a case, an error was showing up and users were seeing no confirmation displayed to indicate the change went through. The document was still showing up in the list of documents that will be downloaded, but when downloading the file, it wasn't included in the download. 

Now, RPT Admin can toggle downloading files for a case individually, so they can manage what confidential files that are downloaded individually.

When RPT Admin on a Case Materials page for a given case selects a document via a checkbox and selects ‘Turn downloading off’ under the Settings dropdown:

  • User should see an icon indicating that downloading is off for that file
  • When user clicks download, that file should not be included in download

Note: If a file is marked as ‘downloading off’, the user cannot turn it back on by clicking Settings > ‘Turn downloading on’

Show when committee member responds to a file in the Activity Log, and record the name of the file (also added name of the file to the log entry that appears when candidate responses are submitted):

When logged in as a RPT Admin on the Case Activity log page for a given case, when a committee member response is received in the Activity Log, the user will see the following:

  • Date and time
    • Example: Feb 7, 2019 at 11:21 AM
  • Event Description
    • Example: ‘[first_name] + [last_name] (email_address) responded to the case with file “[file_response_name]”’

External Evaluations Email Updated

Updated email sent when an external evaluation is declined:  Updated text; "has been declined by the evaluator" to "has been declined by [Evaluator Name].