Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.08.20

(AACSB) Display percentages to the tenth of a percent:

In AACSB reports, we formerly showed percentages to the nearest whole number. We now show percentages to the nearest 10th of a percent (ie 15.4%). 

F180: Change Button text from "Preview CV" to "Preview":

For a user doing an initiated input, viewing the screen to do their input, the option at the top of the page is to "Preview CV". However, what the user is actually previewing here is not the CV, it is a Preview of the Vitae. We changed this button so that it just reads "Preview."

Institution Start Date on Faculty Form not saving:

We were having issues with the "Institution Start Date" field not saving. We removed the field options for Institution Start Date because it has not actually been in use since 2015.  

Client running data exports experiencing issue with special characters:

Resolved issue with special characters not displaying correctly in the backup data exports.  Activity & activity classifications are showing the proper special characters when exporting from backup data.

Teaching tablature is cut off when vitas are exported to word:

Resolved issue with document display of entered data when exporting CVs to a MSWord document. The font size has been lowered when there are more than 5 columns displayed on a vita.

"MULTIPLE” option malfunctioning in Input Classifications":

Fixed issue with classifications not sticking when “multiple” option was selected when updating faculty classifications. 

Labels on vita output not appearing:

Resolved issue with labels (via Add Label function) on an exported CV not displaying correctly when "Traditional-Date" style output was selected.

Vita is cutting off a citation:

Resolved issue with citations displaying incorrectly under particular circumstances. 

Problem Importing DOIs:

We added support for a BibTex doi field that we did not support on import.