RPT Release Notes 2019.09.04

With this release of RPT there were several bug fixes, as well as work behind the scenes on improving accessibility and performance. Some specific changes are called out below:

FIXED: Issue with "Send Case" button missing on certain cases:

Fixed problem happening when RPT user, had deleted some workflow steps and the resulting list of workflow steps wasn’t reordered automatically. This caused the "Send case" button to NOT show up on the case.

FIXED: Dropdown list of template types no longer resets when adding a case data form:

Fixed problem when adding a case data form to the template, it caused the already selected template "type" to default back to "Select type."

FIXED: Issue with titles of documents from previous packets displaying erroneously:

Fixed problem happening when user tried to add documents from a previous case to the current case, the documents listed all showed the same name. 

ADDED: (PL-367): Buttons for case/template creation and editing:

Improved experience for RPT Administrator navigating through creating or editing a case or template. When creating templates and cases, we have made the navigation clearer with “Continue” and “Previous” buttons and added paths for returning to case review steps etc. 

ADDED: (PL-900) RPT Administrators can now see the current Case Step Number when editing the case step on the Case Edit Step page

When editing Case Review Steps the user is now taken to the new Edit Step page (before, "Edit Step" was a pop-up window). We found users were sometimes losing track of which step they were editing. To correct this, RPT Administrators can now see the current Case Step Number when editing the case step. Administrators can see the workflow step they are editing next to the ‘Step Details’ header.