Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.09.12

This release features several backend improvements to performance and accessibility as well as the bug fixes and improvements listed below.

ADDED: Accessibility Improvements:

Among other changes we have improved the display on Activities page, Activity Sections, buttons and labels.

FIXED: Add/Remove home navigation items based on "Allow Login" being checked/unchecked:

Fixed a problem with navigation items not properly updating based on adding or removing user access to a specific module. When an F180 Administrator allows or disallows access to F180 by checking/unchecking the "Allow Login" box, we now update the user's navigation items to correctly reflect their updated permissions. 

FIXED: Manage Lock Vita is only locking one at a time:

Fixed a problem with the Manage Locked Vitas page in Evaluations only locking one document at a time even though multiple are selected.

FIXED: Missing "Unit Designations" and units deleted when moving units in hierarchy:

Fixed two issues, one with a missing "Unit Designations" option when attempting to add levels to their hierarchy, the other problem was that moving units in the hierarchy was deleting the lowest unit.

FIXED: FC appearing with no title and set to required:

Fixed bug with Faculty Classification title not appearing, and appearing as set to required when manually adding a user.

FIXED: Label change for work experience:

On the Profile Form > in the Work Experience section,  we changed the label from “Highest Position” to “Position.” 

FIXED: Start/End Time differences Between Initiate Faculty Input & Approve Faculty Input Screens

Fixed issue with a disparity between the Initiate Faculty Input Workflow “Start” and “End” times and the Approve Faculty Input screens. One screen used 24-hour (military time), and one screen used standard (am/pm) time. Both Initiate Faculty Input and Approve Faculty Input times are now using standard time.

FIXED: F180 Organizational Structure: System not enforcing required field:

Fixed issue when manually creating a Subunit in the Organizational Structure in F180; the system was not requiring users to fill in a Unit Name and Unit Abbreviation (both required fields). As a result, users could click "Add Subunit," then scroll down and hit Save, and a new unit with no name would be created.

FIXED: Field Drop Down List:

Fixed issue with Administrator populating a field list not seeing the first 40 fields. The modal shows the extended list of the dropdown option. The browser window no longer scrolls down with the window The window is now a fixed height (not extending above or below the browsers viewable region) and has it’s own scrollbar.