RPT Release Notes 2019.10.17

With this release of RPT we have added support for pulling form data via the interfolio API. This set of release notes provides technical information about today's release of our Committee Forms API Integration.  

FIXED: Cannot check box next to document name:

Fixed issue preventing user from using the toolbar to change the settings on an external evaluation. User was not able to check the box next to the document name.

FIXED: Update default Access Level for External Evaluation requests + uploads:

Previously, when making an external evaluation request via the “Request External Evaluations” window, the access settings defaulted to permissions based on the user requesting it. So, Admin requests the evaluation,  defaults to “Admins Only.” Committee Manager requests the evaluaiton, its “Admins & Committee Managers.” 

Now, the default Access Level is “Administrators and the Entire Committee.”

FIXED:  Unable to view Vita Attachments on Preview Packet:

Fixed issue happening when candidate, would click ‘Preview Packet’ - they were unable to see the attachments when clicking on them.

FIXED: Preview of template does not show Vita term range:  

Fixed issue happening when an RPT Admin would create a template in RPT, set the term range for the vita, and then preview the template while creating a case with it. The preview indicated the user needed to set the term range for the vita, even it was already set. 

  • When an Admin previewing a template with a vita template attached to it clicks on “Preview Template“ then the number of terms that will be used for term range calculation when the case is created is displayed.
  • When an RPT user reviewing the details of a case which includes a vita looks at the vita on the “Case Materials“ tab, then the dynamically generated vita term range at the time the case was created displays as Start Term Name and Year - End Term Name and Year. If the range was never set the user sees the message “Please set the term range for this vita” in place of the range.

FIXED: Guidelines are still showing the 'additional documents' option:

We had issues with the 'additional documents' option showing within cases earlier, but this 'additional documents' was still showing in DI Guidelines both in the *preview as well as via the collection the user may create from the guidelines* even though the option is not selected for said sections. NOTE: This issue is impacting all Dossier Institution users which is all RPT clients, as we activate both during implementation.