Dossier Release Notes: 2019.10.03

FIXED: Corrected  Global Search box styling:

Fixed problem with display of search box. 

We had issues with the 'additional documents' option showing within cases earlier, but this 'additional documents' was still showing in Dossier Institution Guidelines, both in the preview as well as via the collection the user may create from the guidelines, even though the option is not selected for said sections.

NOTE: This issue is impacting all Dossier Institution users, which is all RPT clients, as we activate both during implementation.

ADDED: Changed FS application status from reading "in-progress" to "incomplete":

Many Dossier users have been confused with the application status "In-progress" used to indicate that the application is not yet complete. We changed “In Progress” label to ‘In Progress (Not Yet Submitted)’ 

Note: The main confusion was that the "in-progress” status/status bar do not clearly indicate to the user that their application hasn’t been submitted to the institution and/or is still incomplete. In many cases, user’s don’t discover that their “In-progress” application wasn’t submitted until after the application has expired, at which point the application status changes to “Incomplete” and the user reaches out to us for an explanation.