Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.10.17

This release features the improvements and bug fixes as well as updates to AACSB Report.

ADDED: Activity Classification for list of countries:

Added Activity Classification to collect country data for faculty activities. Previously, Faculty180 limited an Activity Classification to have a total of 150 values which would not accommodate a full Country list of 197 options. This change expands the max value to 250, but users should be aware that the program performs best with numbers closer to 150.

FIXED: Multi-select fields not displaying multiple values in activity summary:

Updated the display table code to output a comma-separated list of values when multiple values for a classification exist.

ADDED: Updated Faculty Picker handler to return email:  

We added the email address to display along with first name, last name, and faculty id in the faculty picker.

ADDED: "Created" and "Updated" Dates to fars.faculty table:

We now track when users were created and updated by adding the timestamps to the fars.faculty table and making them available to the existing F180 API.

FIXED: Issue with Unit picker in "Back Up Data" not presenting child units for Support Accounts:

Fixed issue preventing Support Accounts with Administrative Rights to "Back Up Data." When user navigated to Administration->Administration->Back Up Data and clicked "Change" on the "Unit" picker, no options were  presented for filtering down to child units. Now, when changing the privileges for the unit, users can filter the units when backing up data.

AACSB Report Update: Show Duplicate Filter when Coauthor Sharing is Enabled:

In reports, we now show the "Hide Duplicates" filter when Coauthor Sharing is enabled. Coauthor sharing is enabled when the setting "Disable Coauthor Sharing" is set to 0. "Hide Duplicates" wasn't showing in various reports where it was supposed to be enabled. 

  • Administrator utilizing reports when Coauthor Sharing is enabled, should see a "Hide Duplicates" checkbox in the report filters.
  • Administrator utilizing reports when Coauthor Sharing is disabled should not see a "Hide Duplicates" checkbox in the report filters.

AACSB Report Update: Add columns to Table 2-1:

  • Added a Total column after "Other IC type selected by the school" column to sum up everything in the 'Types of Intellectual Contributions' section. 
  • Percent of total Full Time Equivalent (FTE) faculty producing ICs is the last column and uses the same formula as the Percent of Participating Faculty Producing ICs except with FTE faculty as the base
  • Drilldowns from the Total columns should still be available