Faculty Search Release Notes - 2019.10.17

FIXED: Referral source displaying incorrect referral sources:

Fixed issue with referral source graph showing incorrect sources.

FIXED: Can't assign user role when creating a user:

Fixed issue happening when adding a new user in FS, the permissions screen is not there when you add the users. User had to leave the current screen, search for the user, then edit the user to assign permission (user role/title).

  • When Admin creating a user successfully creates a new user, then the permissions tab becomes visible within the current window below the form used to create the user and permissions management becomes possible
  • When Admin granting permissions to a user gives the user the title of “Admin“ at any unit and saves that permission, user cannot assign any other role at that unit to that user and the unit does not show up in the unit tree
  • When Admin removing an “Admin“ permission from any user saves their selection and goes to assign a new role to the user, the unit for which this user was an Admin is selectable in the list of available units in the units tree widget."

FIXED: Job Board not displaying EEO Statement:

User viewing the public URL of all positions within a given institution can now see the EEO statement as expected. On the Admin side, it was showing the EEO statement and saying it will be displayed, but wasn’t actually appearing on a job board.

FIXED: Performance improvements for downloading larger user lists from FS/RPT:

Fixed issue happening when a user logged into Review, Promotion, and Tenure or Faculty Search as an Admin requested a download of their user list, the request was timing out.

FIXED: User with access to two institutions seeing incorrect position action items:

 Fixed issue with users who have access to more than one institution seeing the wrong action items.