Dossier Release Notes: 2019.10.17

FIXED: Guidelines are still showing the 'additional documents' option:

We had issues with the 'additional documents' option showing within cases earlier, but this 'additional documents' was still showing in DI Guidelines both in the *preview as well as via the collection the user may create from the guidelines* even though the option is not selected for said sections. NOTE: This issue is impacting all Dossier Institution users which is all RPT clients, as we activate both during implementation.

ADDED: Changed FS application status from reading "in-progress" to "incomplete":

Changed the language of the status label of "In-progress" applications to read “In Progress (Not Yet Submitted).” Also added a tooltip to the "incomplete" label that says: “The status ‘Incomplete’ means your application has already been submitted to the institution but still has requirements that you must satisfy.”