Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.10.29

FIXED:  Issues with Faculty Picker and Duplicate Names

Added new display elements to faculty picker to correct issue with handling duplicate names. User can search by login ID and select primary email.

FIXED:  API : Count for Get Users is not Correct:

This is a fix for users of the API. We fixed an issue with API that was causing the GET Users feature to malfunction when when selecting 'count', 'summary', or 'detailed' for the 'data' parameter.

FIXED: Data Dictionary does not pull out all activity classifications active in the configuration:  

Fixed issue with the Data Dictionary produced by F180 not pulling out all the activity classifications associated with sections. The data dictionary is critical for CV Parsing Projects and data file mapping exercises. This error was causing Project Managers to spend time pulling all of the ACs manually and manually updating the data dictionary.

  • Activity Classification types that are included:
    • One Item Select List
    • One Item Select List With Other
    • Multiple Item Select List
    • Date
  • Activity Classification types that are NOT included:
    • Text Box: Large
    • Text Box: Numeric
    • Text Box: Small

FIXED: Default selections not saving in evaluation form:

Fixed issue with radio buttons causing default selections not to save.