Dossier Release Notes: 2019.10.28

FIXED: Sorting buttons in collections don't work:

Fixed issue when trying to sort documents within a collection by title, the sort button was not functioning. 

ADDED:  Implement new tabbed display for adding a new LOR contact:

 New "Add New Contact" tab incorporated into the existing letter request page.

2 existing request methods (Email, Paper) are still displayed at the top and still toggle the content above the “Document Title“ input.

Dossier users see 2 new tabs, one to “Choose an Existing Contact“ and one to "Add New Contact"

  • Add New Contacts
    • Tab is only displayed when the user selects “Email“ request method
    • Input fields should be exactly the same as today's Production presentation (Title, First, Last, Email)
    • Once new contact is added, it is available for selection in the Combobox on the “Choose Existing Contact“ tab
    • User should be able to add existing contacts to an email delivery, switch over to the “Add new contact“ tab, records a new contact, go back to the “Choose a contact tab“, see all the contacts they’ve already added to the existing request, search for the newly added contact, and add it to the list of chosen recommenders.
      • Contact now appears automatically to the request after it is newly added
  • Choose Existing Contact
    • The tab is only displayed when the “Email“ request method is selected
    • User can select as many contacts as he/she has already saved or the maximum allowed by the related application allows.
  • Document Title
    • paper request format = “<request type> from <title> <first name> <last name>“
    • electronic format = “<request type> from %Recommender% (for <position name>)“
  • Request types
    • If the request is tied to a “Sloan Nomination“ application, “request type” should be “Nomination“ in document title above
    • All other request types should be “Recommendation“
  • Related Applications Params
    • For LORs requested in conjunction with FS applications, the number of requested LORs can be capped. Once the user reaches that limit, they can still add new contacts, but the “Recommender“ Combobox should be disabled and an explanation should be displayed.
  • Email Preview
    • Should still be functional
    • Should display an accurate representation of the request email
  • Paper Request
    • The document title should populate dynamically with the name/title of the person entered
    • Upon requesting a paper recommendation, the user should be able to download an accurate request form
  • Email Communication
    • Each request should trigger one email to the requested and one email for each recommender (so if 3 LORs were requested, 4 emails would be created). Each email should be addressed to the proper recipient individually.

ADDED: New Accessible Combobox Widget:

We found many of our Dossier users were confused by the process for selecting/adding a new contact when requesting a confidential letter through the system. We developed a new experience that will allow for search/selection of an existing letter writer contact.

ADDED: Updated interactions for "Add New Contact" tab:

  • We now  Automatically add newly added contacts to the distribution list for the LOR request 
  • We now show the complete selected recommender pills below both tabs (Choose Existing Contact and Add New Contact) 
  • When a user requesting an LOR from a contact not currently in their list of contacts adds him/her via the “Add Contact“ form, the new contact is immediately added to their list of selected recommenders and previously selected recommenders for the same LOR are still selected
  • When a Dossier user requesting an LOR selects one of their existing contacts as a recommender and switches over to the “Add Contact“ tab, the selected recommender is still visible