Faculty Search Release Notes - 2019.11.12

ADDED:  Images can now be viewed in Faculty Search

 We have created a new endpoint that allows both images and documents to be downloaded. 

Released in patch on 2019/11/12

FIXED: Image files not appearing in FS applications:

Applicants who upload images to their FS applications ie. png, jpeg, tiff, are able to open the image in their application. However, once submitted, the search committee evaluating the files could only see grey pages. When looking at an FS application with both documents and images via the reader/view, both the documents and images now show in the viewer.

Released in patch on 2019/11/12

FIXED: Approval emails were not directing to SSO login:

When a tenant has enforced SSO authentication for their users, and we send out an email with a link to FS/RPT, the links in the email mnow redirect unauthenticated users to the institution SSO page.