RPT Release Notes 2019.11.12

FIXED: for Candidate, selecting "No" to submitting a section gives onscreen message that section was submitted:

When user submitted a section and responded "No" to the onscreen prompt that comes up, we were displaying a "Section Successfully Submitted" message. The same thing happens if you try to close out the prompt. The section is not actually submitted, and the packet seems to then get stuck in a strange loading stage. If you select No to submit a section, you shouldn't get a message that the section was submitted.

Patched on 2019/11/12

ADDED: Allow for documents shared with an RPT institution user to be downloaded

 When a user receives a shared file set, they can download the files for offline review. We currently have two use cases for sharing RPT documents with individuals not assigned to the current step: 

  • Candidate Share (documents can be shared with the user that is the subject of the review)
  • Committee Share (documents can be shared with any user at that Institution)

After some feedback on the first one, we decided to give candidates the ability to download these materials and/or save to their Dossier. We left the committee/institution shares untouched at that time.

  • A committee member who has a shared file with them can navigate to the list of shared files (/shared_files) and see an option button for each share with the following actions:
    • View
    • Download
    • Respond (if response is enabled)
  • A committee member viewing a shared response in the viewer can see the option to download
  • A committee member viewing the shared file details (shared_files/{id}) can see the option to download the files. When the user selects the option to download, the files should download as a ZIP folder.

FIXED: Update "Candidate Submission"emails to route users to authenticate via SSO:

  • Fixed issue with email template that is sent to the committee when the first submission is made directs the user to account.interfolio.com. Note: This problem was isolated to the candidate submission emails, which notify committee members at Workflow Step 1.
    • When a tenant has enforced SSO authentication for their users, and we send out an email with a link to FS/RPT, the links now redirect unauthenticated users to the institution SSO page
    • This is only for the first email that is triggered upon first submission to the committee, update the URL to the proper links for the other preceding emails that are sent.

FIXED: External evaluations not working for Cases with Vitas:

For Administrator or committee manager uploading a confidential evaluation; when the files selected are finished with the initial processing, user sees the option to update the title of the evaluation and the access for the evaluation should default to "Administrators & Entire Committee," and the user should have the option to change it. An administrator editing an external evaluation they have just uploaded, then the visibility setting will match what the user selected during the upload process and the document is only visible in the “External Evaluation“ section of the packet for the group of people it was intended for. When user changes the visibility setting, then the document becomes visible only to the newly selected group of people.

ADDED:  (FAR to RPT) - Add Vita Section to Overview Page:

Before this change, we displayed information about the associated F180 Vita on the “Overview” tab of the candidate experience in Apply. This was the case regardless of whether or not there were other candidate sections & requirements. 

Now, when logged in to Apply as a Candidate and there is an F180 Vita associated with the Case, user should see that represented on the “Overview” tab with the following information:

  • Product Name + Vita
  • Vita Name as Type in the table
  • Don’t display donut for Vitas and shift donuts to the right for all sections
  • Button Should display EDIT if packet/vita is unlocked and VIEW view if locked
  • If you have no packet requirements, the overview page is blank. 

FIXED: External evaluations not working for Cases with Vitas:

Fixed issue preventing users from requesting external evaluations in cases connected to a FAR vita template. In such cases, when a user clicks “Request Evaluation” the Request Evaluation window should appear but before, nothing would happen.

  • An administrator or committee manager viewing a case with a generated vita should be able to request an external evaluation
  • An administrator or committee manager viewing a case without a generated vita should also be able to request an external evaluation