Faculty Search Release Notes - 2019.11.26

FIXED: Performance improvements for /templates page:

Simplified and optimized the templates page and verified that templates are now returning as expected.

FIXED: FS administrators getting error message when previewing Message Template:

Fixed problem causing FS admin to get an error message when trying to preview a message template. When an administrator edits an existing message template from the 'Administration' page, the user should be able to preview the message before saving.

FIXED: Performance improvements for /templates page:

Fixed issue with performance of Template tab in Faculty Search. Users were seeing slow load times.  We have made changes to ensure there are no delays or errors when accessing the Template Page.

FIXED: Downloading PDF of EEO form leads to a "This site can't be reached" error:

Fixed issue happening when users tried to download a pdf of form responses. User could view the Response Summary on the screen/window but when clicking on Download PDF, user was getting the error message: “This site can’t be reached. The webpage at