RPT Release Notes 2019.12.12

ADDED:  Search for packets last updated:

Users can perform a search that returns only packets updated between two timestamps. 

FIXED: Typo in blurb on "Committee Shared Files" page:

Fixed typo in the blurb on the "Committee Shared Files" page that the user sees when they click the Action Item for a download and are taken to the "Committee Shared Files" page to either download or view files.

FIXED: Download packet file selection bug:

Fixed happening when downloading a packet containing a vita from the viewer, clicking SELECT ALL was checking every document BUT the vita. When looking at a packet in the viewer which includes a vita and the user clicks on the DOWNLOAD button, they are presented with all the documents in the packet including the vita.

  • Clicking SELECT ALL selects all listed documents
  • Clicking SELECT ALL de-selects all listed documents
  • And selecting to download ALL DOCUMENTS creates a download file in Home/Email which includes all expected documents in the right format