Faculty Search Release Notes - 2019.12.12

FIXED:  Creating a new 'Saved View' to filter applicants doesn't stick:

Creating a new saved view of a filtered list was not filtering as expected. Should filter candidate using the filters the user applied when creating the 'saved view'.

FIXED: Existing user gets new access to diff app - sign in emails not directing to SSO login:

Now when we send an email to an institution using SSO authentication for their users with a link to FS/RPT, the link redirects unauthenticated users to the institution SSO page.

FIXED: Cannot upload document to application:

Fixed issue with adding a document to an application.  

FIXED: FS step approver not seeing approval button for position sent back:

For the Position Approval and Selection Approval workflow steps in Faculty Search, IA’s and assigned Administrators can move the position backward/forward through the defined workflow.

When a FS position is at a position approval step, the following users should be able to send the position forward and backward through the workflow:

  • Institutional Administrators for the institution
  • Individual users assigned to that workflow step
  • Users assigned to that workflow step by virtue of a valid title assignment