Faculty180 Release Notes: 2020.02.19

ADDED: Updates to Degree List: (AACSB):

Added the option: D.N.P. Doctoral Nurse Practitioner to the degree list defaults. 

FIXED: Re-enabled users via upload doesn't export Nav Items:

When uploading a list of faculty and some of the uploaded users are inactive in the current system (regardless of how they became inactive/disabled), the following will happen:

  • Any faculty loaded in that were already in the system marked inactive should become active
  • Those newly active faculty members will see populated navigation items and any other jobs needed to make them active will happen.
  • The nav-items will now be exported reliably when users are re-activated via upload.
ADDED: Updated Webform to Help Site:

Added a new version of the webform to our help site. This form links to Salesforce and gives users a way to create tickets in Salesforce from the help content.