Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.02.19

FIXED: Position status doesn't update until refresh:

Fixed issue happening when attempting to update a position status from the position page (not the "Edit Position" page), the update does not reflect until the page is refreshed. The "Change Status" window was not closing after hitting "Confirm", and when clicking the "Confirm" button a second time, an error would appear saying that this is already the current status. If the user closed the window, the position status still displayed as the previous status. After refreshing the page, the status would update.

  • An FS CM/Administrator updating the Position Status for a position now sees the update status reflected once the change is saved
  • When an FS CM/Administrator confirms the updated Position Status for a position, the window closes and we display a success message.
ADDED: Updated Webform to Help Site:

Added a new version of the webform to our help site. This form links to Salesforce and gives users a way to create tickets in Salesforce from the help content.