Faculty180 Release Notes: 2020.02.04

FIXED:  Incorrect Activity Classification displayed: 

Before: Activity Input Report no longer shows incorrect value when user edits a course and clicks to save. When emulating a faculty member, if the user went to the Initiated Activity Input report and edited a course and clicked to save; the Report was reloading and displaying an incorrect activity flag value that wasn't what the user selected. Each time a user was saving a record, the page would display the incorrect value in the activity flags column. After a refresh the correct value would display. 

After: When selecting a checkbox item for the Activity Classification, the Activity Input Form now shows the selected answer for the AC. 

NOTE: Displaying multiple values for the AC is still not working, but we are in the process of correcting the issue of multiple values not displaying.

FIXED: Activity Classification filter on Table 15-1 (AACSB):

The activity-classification filter on the AACSB 15-1 report has been fixed. 

  • We scoped the AC filtering to relevant sections (sections that have that AC). 
  • Set table prefix and resource file for the inputs to StandardReport
  • We now pass AC filter into custom mapping for profile info (eg. Degress, etc)
FIXED: When a co-author attempts to replace a duplicate record, both authors records are deleted:

 Fixed issue happening when two faculty members have identical presentations listed in the scholarly activities log. 

Before: If Faculty Member A would add Faculty Member B as a coauthor of a presentation, Faculty B would receive a notification about a possible duplicate activity. 

If Faculty B chooses to replace the existing record with the new duplicate activity generated by Faculty A, all inputs for the presentation were deleted from both A and B's accounts.

Now: If Faculty B chooses to replace the existing activity, then only the existing activity will be deleted.