RPT Release Notes 2020.03.18

RPT Fixes:
FIXED: Attachment section orders are now consistent:

We now display the vita Sections in the same order as they appear in the vita itself.

FIXED: We now prevent edits to Committees from using too much server memory:

Made changes to cut down processing time when adding a temporary member to a committee that is leveraged on ~50,000 workflow steps.

FAR to RPT: Work to ensure attachments are resolving between F180 and RPT:

The issues below reflect our work to ensure that F180 vita attachments are successfully made available in RPT for clients using that integration.

FIXED: Docx and other attachments are pulling from F180 as expected:

Fixed issue preventing files included in a vita in F180 from also appearing in that same vita in RPT.

If an artifact from Faculty180 cannot be properly converted, we now default to providing RPT with the original file itself and allow users to download the file.

FIXED: Non-ascii character in vita attachment file name no longer causing errors:

Fixed problem with file names that include a non-ascii character not being sent successfully to RPT.

FIXED: Error count now includes all attachments that are not available in Tenure:

The count of attachments now matches up with the number of attachments associated with the vita/user's account in Faculty180 for that specified term range in all cases.

Any artifacts that can’t be a) displayed in the Viewer or b) downloaded from the viewer should be marked as “Error” and part of the count of Error documents displayed inline on the case page.

FIXED: We improved handling of packet vita attachment URLs:

Users viewing a Packet vita that has Attachments that are URLs will see URLs in the viewer just like URLs show for other areas of RPT.

ADDED: Any file, PDF or otherwise, that previously failed conversion, is now sent over to RPT as a file:

When RPT Administrators, Committee Managers, or Applicants are regenerating their vita and an attachment has previously failed conversion, the file will be sent over and the user can see that file when reading the case as a download only.

FIXED: We are resending media in Faculty180 that failed to transfer:

We will  resend media that previously failed to convert and retroactively update all vitas versions affected in RPT.