RPT Release Notes 2020.04.02

RPT fixes:
FIXED:  App loading in IE11 as expected:

Fixed an issue preventing our home page from loading as expected in Internet Explorer 11.

New external evaluation experience
ADDED: New full-page external evaluation request :

New, full-page experience for external evaluation request replaces the current full-screen window. That request now appears on a dedicated page with the same fields as before, but has a new look and feel.

Case List enhancements:
ADDED: New filter “pills” for user selections:

An RPT user viewing the Case List with 1 or more filters applied to their list will see applied filters presented as “pills” at the top of the table. Users can filter the list by color, shape, and size. When the users select a new filter, the pill will appear in the same order as the filters (units first, type second, and state third).

For example:

  • Users can filter their list by color “Red”= Red is applied to the list as the 1st item
  • Users add shape filter “Star” = Star is applied to the list as the 2nd item
  • Users add color filter “Purple”= Purple is added as the 2nd item, as it is grouped with color red, Star becomes the third item.

When the user applies the “Include Child Unit” filter,  then the “Include Child Units” will be its own pill within the Units filter group.

When the user removes a filter, the filter is removed, an alert displays, and the filter is removed.

When the user removes the unit filter, the include child unit filter pill will be removed as well.

An RPT user viewing a list of cases that have been filtered can “Reset Filters” to the default state of the list.

The default state is: 

  • All Units
  • “Include Child Units” toggled on
  • All Types
  • Active Cases

Filter pills can be removed  three different ways:

  • Clicking the delete button on the pill
  • Selecting “All Units”, “All Types”, or “All Cases”
  • Clicking the “Reset Filters” button
FIXED: Make Administrators available in candidate selection list when bulk creating cases:

When an administrator is creating cases in bulk from a template, and the admin includes the candidate, they can now search for other administrators in the Add Candidate modal.

Important: Users can’t create a case for themselves under any circumstance. The user will not see themselves in the search results of the window.

History: An RPT admin at a client institution reported that the names of several faculty members were not appearing for selection when creating multiple cases at one time for a unit but they do appear when creating the cases individually. 

Now: Users who are administrators for their respective units are selectable when creating multiple cases at once.

FIXED: Case list now displays alphabetically as expected when names are capitalized:

RPT case list was treating alphabetizing of last names differently for names that are not capitalized. Cases now display alphabetically by candidate _last name_ for default sorting or sorting by name. 


This work applies to institutions that use Interfolio's Faculty180 Activity Reporting and Vita generation features with our Review, Promotion & Tenure.

ADDED: RPT Administrators can now update term values during bulk case creation:

We have added Vita info to the summary page, and we now allow an RPT Admin creating cases in bulk from a template that includes a vita to edit/adjust the vita term range before initiating the bulk creation process for all candidates. The new selected term range will apply to all candidates. The term range cannot be edited for an individual candidate via the “Change Vita” window when creating cases in bulk from a template that includes a Vita.

  • The presentation includes a new section for the vita on the Case Summary page that shows the vita details from the template including the title, vita template (from F180, and the term range)
  • New section has term range as a set of dropdowns that will set, in bulk, the term range for selected candidates
  • The term range cannot be changed for an individual candidate
    • Before: Users could use “Change Vita” window on the candidate section to change the vita term range
    • Now: We have removed those dropdown options because we now get this data from the new section for the vita  
ADDED: “Change” button to allow RPT administrators to update term values during single case creation:

We have added a “Change” button to allow an RPT Administrator to adjust the term range before finishing the case creation process. New “Change” button appears to the left of the current “Remove” button. The “Change” window appears pre-populated with the current vita term and template and allows for:

  • Updating term values
  • Selecting a different vita