RPT Release Notes 2020.05.13

This release features enhancements to the Case List of Review, Promotion & Tenure and a fix for packet sections incorrectly showing as "Locked" before submission.

FIXED: Packet sections showing as "Locked" before submission

  • Before: Packets were appearing to some candidates with a status of "Not Yet Submitted Locked" on the Overview page, but when an  RPT user clicked to edit a section of the packet or clicked on the Packet tab at the top of the screen, the sections statuses were showing "Not Yet Submitted unlocked." 
  • Now: If none of the sections have been submitted the status is “unlocked” on the Overview page as well.

Fixed: Non Admins no longer see the Active Cases pill in the Case List, and Admins who remove the Active Cases pill receive an error

The Active Cases pill should only display for Administrators in RPT. An Error now displays if the Active Cases pill has been removed from the Case List page.

  • When an RPT Administrator navigates to the Case List, “Active Cases” is the default view. The user can see the Active Cases filter pill and can remove the pill to display All Cases
  • When an RPT non-Administrator navigates to the Case List, the Active Cases is the default view but the user should not see the Active Cases filter pill
  • RPT users removing Filtered By: Active Cases pill on the Case List page will see an error “You are not authorized to access this page.” 

Removing a case status in bulk: 

When an RPT Administrator viewing the list of cases selects at least 1 case, and selects More Options action in the actions bar and then  selects the Remove Status option, they see a verification window asking them to confirm the removal and reminding them that the status will be removed from the selected case(s)

When the user selects Save on the Case List, the status is removed from the cases selected and the case list should remain filtered (if filters were applied).