Faculty 180 Release Notes 2020.05.13

This release involved an update of IPED CIP codes and a fix for running an Activities report.

FIXED: Fixed issue causing an 'Oops! Error Has Occurred' message when attempting to access Faculty Classifications

This was happening because one of the Faculty Classifications added was conflicting with an already existing field name. 

  • Before: When a user added a new faculty classification, or activity classification, and the name of the classification matched the same name as an existing upload field (setup -> upload config) the F180 application passed the “Oops” error.
  • After: When creating a new activity/faculty classification with the same name of an upload field, the user does not get the oops error.

FIXED: Scholarly works w/ a status of In Progress, Submitted, Accepted, & In Press now display outside of set term as expected

Fixed problem preventing scholarship with a status of In Progress/Submitted/ or Accepted from appearing on the vita when the date range for the vita is prior to the updated date of the activity classification.

Example: Before, if a book or other work was set to In Progress for Spring 2019, it was displaying in an Initiated Input Period for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020. The vita output for that same time period would not display the Book even if that vita was set to display In Progress works. This has been fixed, and in such a case the book would be displayed as expected.

UPDATE: Removed “Export to ORCID” until we support that function

We do not yet export to ORCID, so we have removed the “Export to Orcid” that appeared in columns in the product. These columns have no buttons or data in them and will remain hidden until we are ready to export to ORCID.