RPT Release Notes 2020.06.24

Fixed:  Fixed the user interface for selection of multiple items in our program (for example: Forms Reporting Packet Dropdown)

We now allow easy selection of multiple items. For example, an RPT Admin on the Forms Reporting page can select more than one packet without having to scroll to see the options.

Added: Committee Forms Feature

Administrators in RPT can create, edit, and manage committee forms made up of questions to be completed by members of a committee. This feature allows Administrators to require, collect and report on the results of responses to fixed questions from individual reviewers and committee members, just as if the respondent had filled out a paper form. As with candidate forms, these new committee forms and their responses become part of the case as it proceeds, allowing reviewers later in the process to take the thoughts of earlier reviewers into consideration (depending on settings for viewing responses).

Committee Forms Resources:

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