Faculty180 Release Notes 2020.06.24

Added: Updated citation style for new edition of APA style guide

Updated citation style to reflect APA 7th Edition of APA style guide and added as option for all clients. For more info:

Added: Introduced new Activity Classification Type (FTE) to report on workload for faculty

F180 Administrator adding activity classifications can create a new type of activity classification that collects numerical values reflecting faculty workload. This activity classification type will act like a numeric summing field and can calculate a sum for all values for a given form and display that numeric total on the F180 Input Form Screen. This means you can calculate faculty workload allocations in F180 with this AC making it possible to compare “intended” to “actual” faculty workload distribution.

  • New activity classification is called "Textbox FTE" by default, but can be renamed
  • Administrator can assign this new AC to any section in F180
  • We do not place limits on the number value of the classification
  • Administrator can control this AC in the same way they control all other AC’s including the ability to manage what units see it
  • Administrator configuring an activity input form can indicate if this FTE activity classification appears in the tabular output


  • It’s a best practice to make use of just one activity classification of this new FTE type in any given form, although you will need to attach it to each section you want included in the calculation. 
    • Your institution may wish to create, for example, just a single official activity classification for FTE, meant for use institution-wide.
  • It is a best practice to limit the input form’s duration to only one term per form that uses this new FTE field. 
    • The vita output can cover any duration, and should appropriately format sections using this classification.

Added: Updated Vita tabular output of the FTE Activity Classification Exports to Word in order to present the totals of this new FTE field where applicable (i.e. grand total and total by term)

The tabular output of a vita that includes an FTE Activity Classification, each section (teaching, research, etc.) will show a subtotal by term and will display a grand total by term at the top, and the user can export this as a visually appealing Word document.

Added: Allow admins to manage whether the support account can emulate any faculty users in that primary unit (and any sub-unit)

We now allow admins to make support account access available to faculty as those faculty are added to the primary unit rather than admins having to add access to emulate those faculty on a support-account-by-support-account basis.

We now associate support accounts with specific Primary Units (based on Primary Unit in table A), allowing all support accounts access to any and all faculty that are in the same Primary Unit. As faculty members are added to that unit, support accounts will automatically be able to emulate those new faculty members.

When adding or editing a support account, the Admin can set a "flag" to manage whether a support account can emulate any faculty users with the same Primary Unit. This "flag" will only be available in the support account area.


  • Providing a support account with a secondary unit assignment/role (table B) will not grant dynamic access to faculty in those units. Access will only be based on primary/primary association (Primary Unit in table A).
  • "Last access date" for emulation of/by another user will not be viewable.
  • Emulation expiration date will not be set. The access will not expire until someone removes the dynamic unit association.