Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.07.22

Improved: Units Tree now displays full width:  

When adding/editing on the RPT Users & Groups > Units page, RPT Templates page, RPT Administration page, and when RPT Cases page ,  user on the Users & Groups page adding/editing a unit and browsing by unit etc, users will see longer and wider window with unit name extending the length of the window. The unit pickers now fill the majority of the width of the window with “standard” padding.


Fixed: Cut off form responses in Applicant Review and Download:

FS user that has access to a position and it’s applicants, when viewing Application Forms with questions that have a lengthy response (Text boxes, grids, multiple choices), where the applicant responded with data that causes the response to span to an additional page in the PDF, when the user downloads the applicants' documents (including the forms) the form responses now naturally flow between pages. 

  • Before: Large responses to forms were being cut off from the viewer and downloaded view of a packet. 
  • Now: longer responses continue on a new page of the viewer/downloaded packet.