Faculty180 Release Notes 2020.07.22

Fixed: Vita setup to include all statuses are not pulling in "published/completed" activities:

Fixed problem with a "Published/Completed" status not being displayed on a vita set up to display that status. The issue was that “In Press” was being treated as a terminal state, and we do not reliably display statuses that come after the date that a teminal state is applied. In this case, "In press" was being treated as a terminal state and its date preceded the status in question, preventing that status from displaying as expected. “In Press” is no longer treated as a terminal state, which resolved the issue.

Expected behavior: Given the vita is set to include the "completed/published" status for activities AND the activity falls within the specified date range, activities that meet the given criteria should be displayed when the vita is generated.

Further explanation:

We have now made In Press an ongoing rather than a terminal status.

What is ongoing and what is terminal?

There are two terminal statuses in Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions...Work Discontinued and Completed/Published.

If you add a terminal status to an activity that has a date prior to any other status, those later statuses will not be displayed or outputted because we interpret the terminal state. IE: Completed/Published to be the final state, so later statuses for the activity will not display.

In Press is no longer considered a terminal state, rather the assumption is that the user is still working on this, and it is an ongoing activity.

So when a user pulls a vita for anything that is listed as "In Press" with a given date, for example of 2018, because that is an ongoing status, it will appear anytime a vita is generated until the activity is given a terminal status.

This is true for everything other than Work Discontinued or Completed/Published. When those are introduced, that means the end of the activity.