Lifecycle Management Release Notes: 2020.07.22

These are release notes for Interfolio's new Lifecycle Management product.

FIXED: Fixed issue requiring users to clear their cache after a production release:

This is now fixed, and at no time should users need to clear their cache to correct these issues.

FIXED: Opening a faculty profile in a new tab redirects to a blank page:

Fixed issue happening when opening a faculty profile in a new tab or browser window from the faculty list, the user was redirected to a blank page. The url reads "about:blank#blocked. " The new tab/window now no longer directs to a blank page - about:blank#blocked. The selected profile now opens in a new browser tab/window while the current tab/window remains on /faculty page

FIXED: Faculty filter: Exception event is missing from the Filter by Current/Upcoming event dropdown:

When pressing Filter and expanding the Filter by Current/Upcoming event dropdown, the Exception item was not displaying in the Current/Upcoming event dropdown. Now that exception item is displayed in the Current/Upcoming event dropdown as expected.

FIXED: "Timeline options" button in Faculty Profile should be title case:

The "Timeline options" button in the faculty profile has been updated to read: "Timeline Options.

ADDED: New fields to the view/edit appointment modal:

Administrator, can now edit the Compensation and Position ID fields when viewing an individual appointment. When viewing an appointment, an LM administrator on an individual faculty profile can see fields for Position ID and Compensation and can edit these fields. The Position ID field should be after Contract Expiration, before Employee Type and before Workload Model.

FIXED: Updated Inaccurate text on Rank Event Page:

The text on the rank event page under the In which year and at which month does this event occur? Has been updated to: This answer must reflect the year the event takes place at the institution, for example, if this event occurs during the first year, enter '0' in the 'Year' field. (e.g Year 0 in May, Year 5 in July).

FIXED: Updated upload templates on the Load Data page:

Updated product name from “ALM” to “LM” and Added “Position ID” and “Compensation” fields to appointments template file.

ADDED: User can delete an empty series:

LM Administrator can delete an empty series, to remove any series that are not in use or that were created in error. A user can only delete a series if there are no connected ranks

Administrator editing a series without ranks has the option to delete the series. When they select the “Delete Series” option, the user gets an alert message that says:

Header: Delete the Series?

Body: This action cannot be reversed.

Buttons: [Delete] [Cancel]

Administrator editing a series WITH ranks does NOT have the option to delete the series and  will see a message that says:

"You can not delete the series because there are associated ranks or journeys."