Lifecycle Management Release Notes: 2020.08.05

These are release notes for Interfolio's new Lifecycle Management product.

Fixed: Messages not being sent:

Fixed problem happening when LM administrator was sending a message in the system; no message was being sent even though the program displayed that the message was delivered. Problem was when sending messages from Faculty Profile "Send Email" option, no message was sent.

Added: Whitelabel Workload Commitment Types:  

Administrators on the Workload section of Administration now have the option to configure whitelabel terms for workload commitment types. When configuring whitelabel terms for workload commitment types, the admins see whitelabel values in appointment records of a faculty profile, and Administration > Workload.

Added: View Workload Type Commitment per Appointment Record: 

Administrator viewing appointment information within a faculty profile can see the workload commitment split into the type of work performed: Teaching, Research, Service, Administration, Other. An administrator viewing an appointment record within a faculty profile will see the commitment by workload type with the Workload Model.

Added: View Workload Details in Rank:

Administrator viewing rank details can see the workload commitment split into the type of work performed: Teaching, Research, Service, Administration, Other. Administrators viewing rank information will see an open link to view workload details. When selecting to view workload details, they see the commitment by workload type for the rank via the drawer in Series > [Series] > [Rank]. 

Added: New fields to the view/edit appointment modal:

Administrator, can now edit the Compensation and Position ID fields when viewing an individual appointment. When viewing an appointment, an LM administrator on an individual faculty profile can see fields for Position ID and Compensation and can edit these fields. The Position ID field should be after Contract Expiration, before Employee Type and before Workload Model.

Added: Edit Workload Commitments Per Appointment Record:

Administrator viewing an appointment within a faculty profile can change the workload model and commitment by workload type without impacting the workload at the account-level. When an administrator edits an appointment record in a faculty profile they see an option to flag/remove new workload commitments and adjust commitment values. When the user edits a workload commitment type within an appointment they only see those changes within the specific appointment record and DO NOT see changes at the account level or within other records using the workload model.

Added: New Home Page

We have released a new Home page for our  products.

Before: Our Home page consisted of a single Your Action Items box listing all outstanding tasks with a link to the area where the task can be completed. Some users would also see an Additional Assigned Items box with a search bar above that section. 

Now: The new Home page presents the same information but has a “dashboard” feel that makes better use of the screen space. Also, users are able to search through all their tasks. 

If your institution also uses Interfolio's Faculty Reporting product Faculty180, there are additional changes to the home page as described here Faculty180 Release Notes 2020.08.05

New Home page features:

Your Tasks list:  
  1. Your Action Items has been renamed Your Tasks. Only the name has changed. Tasks are exactly the same thing as Action Items with a new name. Your Tasks displays a count of all current tasks.
  2. A Search bar above the table allows keyword searching of all tasks.
  3. Above the table, two panels display a count of Read Tasks and Unread Tasks. These provide counts of the tasks that users have clicked on and tasks users have not clicked on, respectively.
  4. Tasks display in a table/list divided into two columns; Title and Due Date
    • Clicking Title at the top of the table sorts the table alphabetically by title. Two clicks reverse alphabetization. Three clicks resets sort. 
    • Clicking Due Date at the top of the table sorts by the date due chronologically. Two clicks reverses chronological order, and three clicks resets sort.
  5. The title of tasks in the table display as a link to the area of our program where the task can be completed. 
  6. If the user has more than seven tasks, the user can click the View all link at the bottom of the list to open and expanded list of tasks allowing them to see a paginated view of all items in the list.
Task List
 View all:

Clicking the View All link displays an expanded task page where all tasks display in a paginated table. The same Search bar appears above the expanded task list.

Expanded Your Tasks page