External Evaluations: Additional Files Known Issues (2020.09.02)

This article tracks issues with the new External Evaluation Additional Files feature. These are issues that have been discovered through testing or reported by clients, and we are working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. This list will be updated as issues are added or resolved, so please check back with each new release for an updated list of issues and indications of our progress toward resolving them.

External evaluator unable to replace failed document when 10 additional files are added

When trying to replace a document that failed to upload, the Add File window does not display if 10 additional files have been added to an evaluation.

The Add File window should appear upon clicking Replace, and the user should be able to successfully replace the file.

Evaluations submitted by an administrator of a case say they were added to a case by the actual evaluator and not the administrator

When an evaluation has been submitted by an administrator or committee manager, the list of evaluations on a case page should display the status  Submitted by... with the name of the user who submitted the evaluation.

Right now, the name of the evaluator appears instead.