Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.09.30

Added - Improved load time of applications with Form Responses for Form Reports:   

 Improved speed of Aggregated and Detailed Form Report page loads.

Added - Improved processing speed of Detailed Forms Report CSV:

Made changes to improve download times of Detailed Forms report CSV. 

Added - Close notes now display in position reports as expected:

When a position is closed without an applicant selected and the admin includes a note, the close notes were not being pulled into the positions report when the "Applicant Selection Notes'' column was included. When a position is closed with no applicant selected and the administration chooses to include notes, the notes will now be included in a positions report when the "Applicant Selection Notes" column is enabled.

A user viewing the position list in Faculty Search can search for positions by their approval workflow step. We have updated the search values to include Approval workflow step data. When viewing the position list a user can enter any information of a workflow step in the search bar (any workflow step information, position approval or applicant approval), then the position list should update to display only positions that have a status that matches the text provided in the search bar.

Added - Improved loading of custom form data in Application Reports (this is also how Columns dropdown will act in RPT Case Information report:


When a Faculty Search user running Faculty Search Reporting selects the “Column” dropdown on the Applications Report, they will now see:

  • all the selected, application, and position columns
  • a “Forms” header after the position columns
  • a link underneath the “Forms” header that says “Load Form Column Options”

When the user clicks “Load Form Column Options,” all custom forms should load with questions in expandable sections. 

Filter By Response:

  • When a Faculty Search user running Faculty Search Reporting clicks the “Filter By Response” button, the filter form responses window displays with options for Form, Question, and Responses
  • When the options are submitted, the report will run and display in the Columns dropdown