RPT Release Notes 2020.09.30

Added - We now display the name of admin or CM for admin/CM-submitted evaluations:

The evaluation list now indicates when an evaluation was added by an admin or committee manager. When an RPT user is viewing the list of evaluations on the case page and an evaluation has been submitted by an administrator or committee manager, the user should see the status of “Submitted by [user who submitted the eval].”

Added - Alert now displays when deleting a request:

 Added an alert for Admins when deleting a request from the Manage Evaluations page. When an Admin selects to “Delete Request,” they now get a confirmation window to confirm the deletion.

Fixed - Submitted packets no longer show as "Past Due" on our home page:

Open cases in which the candidates previously submitted by the due date are no longer showing as "Past Due" on the new home page.

Added - Improved loading of  data in RPT Case Information report:  

Improved appearance and performance of Columns dropdown in the Case Information Report.