RPT Release Notes 2020.11.11

Fixed: Candidate form w/ no required questions unable to be submitted w/o responses

Fixed issue with Candidates receiving a submission confirmation error saying "The section Candidate Documents cannot be submitted because there are issues with the requirements listed below" while trying to submit their packets, but with nothing listed in the requirements. When a candidate form is included in the section and the candidate form has no required questions, the section is not able to be submitted without responses. At least one question on the form must have a response in order for the requirement to be fulfilled and for the section to be submitted. An RPT candidate submitting a packet with optional forms will now see the text "You must answer at least one question on the optional form" under the “issues” column of the submission confirmation pop-up.

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  • Fixed: Committee Managers in RPT unable to view vita history from case page:

    Fixed issue with Committee Managers on the case page seeing an error saying "You are not authorized to access this page" when clicking  "View History" on an attached vita in the Faculty180 Vita section of the case page. Committee Managers in Review, Promotion & Tenure can now view the history of a vita attached to a case, view any previous versions of the vita, and lock and unlock the vita section as expected.