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Coming soon: Automatic Dossier creation for all Review, Promotion & Tenure users 

Anticipated for release at the end of 2020, we will introduce automatic provisioning of Dossier accounts upon creation for all Review, Promotion & Tenure users (both new and existing). This simply means that you will no longer need to go through Interfolio staff to get Dossier accounts created for new users at your institution. 

Particularly if you otherwise provision users through the API, this will save you the step of sending us your Dossier list going forward!

This automatic provisioning will include the Dossier Institution expanded functionality for all users, enabling guidelines, sharing, and saving of CVs from Faculty Activity Reporting.

We recognize that the majority of users at institutions using Review, Promotion & Tenure likely already have Dossier accounts set up—this release largely saves you time for future users. 

However, if there are any users that previously did not have a Dossier account (such as Administrators), they may see a new screen upon logging in:

New screen after login

To use Interfolio as normal, simply go to your institution. When you do, you will have the option to set your choice as the default, so that you do not need to see this fork in the road every time:

Set default choice for where to go on login

If you already had access to Interfolio at more than one institution, then you’ve probably already seen the above screen before. You’ll just have Dossier added to it:

Dossier has been added list of available destinations on login

Please note: Each user’s Dossier account is completely private to that user.

Interfolio's Dossier is a free lifelong space meant for curating career materials, including confidential letters of recommendation. Interfolio does not impose any cost or obligation for anyone to use their automatically generated Dossier account. 

While intended primarily for faculty members whose professional evaluations will take place through Interfolio, the (now) automatically provided Dossier account is simply an available resource for anyone using Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure through their institution.