Faculty Search Release Notes - 2020.12.02

Fixed: Statuses on closed positions with selection approval templates display the last step of the approval process instead of last position status:

Fixed issue with average rating not updating when a user updates a rating for an applicant. A user reported inaccuracies in her ratings between her rating and the committee summary. This has been resolved and ratings now update as expected. 

Added: Made it easier for users to tell when they are not in their real production database:

We now provide better signaling in the UI to let users know when they are working in the institution's production database. We added a pink banner containing the words "This is a development or test environment" in the banner across the full width of the screen. 

Added: Display status of documents uploaded to Internal Notes: Error displayed when updating position requirements:

When a user uploads a new Faculty Search Internal Note but the document is not yet received, we now display a status of “pending.” If an uploaded document has errored, the status shows as “error.”cWhen that document is successfully received it’s status shows as “received.”