RPT Release Notes 2020.12.16

Fixed: Vitas created in cases via bulk case creation do not include vita attachments:

When an RPT administrator creates bulk cases that contain a vita, each case created will have their vita generated with attachments. After a case with a vita is created and the vita is generated, the attachments display in the reader and the number of attachments is shown on the Case Materials tab with the vita name.

Added: All RPT users will now have Dossier Institution:

RPT users are now given access to Dossier Institution when an RPT account is created for them. These users will lose access to Dossier Institution when they lose their RPT access and remain with a normal Dossier account. All information in the user’s account remains private and belongs to the user.

Fixed: Do not send welcome email when users are provisioned in RPT:

When a user is added to RPT and the admin chooses to send a welcome message, they will ONLY receive the Welcome to RPT email and not a the welcome to Dossier Institution email.