RPT Release Notes 2021.01.07

Fixed: Selecting a Committee Form to share isn’t sticking:

Fixed issue happening when RPT Committee Managers or Administrators selected the checkbox next to a committee form and clicked to share with committee members, or candidates, the form was not attaching to the share. Selecting a Committee Form to share with a committee or candidate is now working as expected, and the selected form is attached to the share.  

Fixed: Updated RPT Welcome Email Template:

Now that Dossier will automatically be provided to RPT users, the existing welcome email sent to new users has been replaced. The new template contains dynamic messaging based on which modules the new user has access to when their RPT account is created.

Fixed: Unable to create committee forms:

Fixed issue with one client preventing committee forms from being created. When attempting to set up committee forms for the 2021 review cycle, user was unable to select a unit and was getting an error message stating "You do not have any existing items." Without a unit selection, the form was not able to be created. Creating committee forms now works as expected.