RPT Release Notes 2021.01.21

Fixed: Download of Committee Form PDFs working as expected:

When Administrator reviewing Committee Form responses, and committee members are merged with another account, when downloading the PDF, the option to download Committee Forms should display, and there should be a message clearly indicating the unknown member.

Fixed: New RPT admins no longer have home items after creation:

Fixed issue happening under certain circumstances with new RPT admins having home items already after creation. This was happening when the admin used to create the new admin already has existing home items.

Fixed: Accessibility fix for orphaned labels:

Fixed accessibility issue in the RPT application process: when adding a new file and selecting either webpage or video, the form input fields for both were not programmatically labeled (orphaned form labels). The placeholder text being read was not meaningful to the user. Also, when editing a document file, the labels for those fields were orphaned labels.