Faculty Search Release Notes - 2021.04.28

Added: Notification window appears when moving positions across approval steps

Screen readers will now receive an announcement of the results when a user sends a position in an approval workflow forward or backward a step.

Added: Added "Appointment Type" field to Internal Notes page

Added Appointment Type field to the Internal Notes page to allow institutions to track additional information about positions. This field is not required. It appears as a dropdown with the following values:

  • Fixed Term
  • Continuing
  • Tenure Track
  • Tenured

Values for this new field will display wherever internal notes display currently, including the Applications and Positions reports.

Added: Changed Term Length input from drop down to input field

Changed Term Length input from drop down to input field. The Term Length field has been updated from a dropdown to a numerical input field. This field now supports values from 1 to 120 months.