RPT Release Notes 2021.03.03

Fixed: External Eval Request Not Displaying Edited "From" Name

Fixed issue happening when requesting external evaluations. Editing the "from name" field on the request page was having no effect on the email that the letter writer receives. This now works as expected.

Added: Move user creation to new window in committee management

The experience of adding users is changing as part of the coming changes around our UID field. Administrative users can now create new users when managing committees in two areas:

  1. Workflow steps of create creating/editing cases
  2. Committee Members section within the Case Details tab of a case

This is being worked into an Add User window. 

Case Details - When the user clicks “New”, the Add User window will appear on the page where the current form is. An admin or CM viewing the Case Details tab can click “New” to create a new user (committee members tile > Edit > Add Member > New). They will see the New User form appear.

Workflow Steps - User clicks “Add Member” and then “New”, the Add Member modal is replaced with the “Add User” modal. When an admin editing the case workflow steps clicks New to create a new user (Edit Details page > Add Members > New), they will see the New User form appear in a modal.

Added: Select candidate with unit selection during case creation

To help minimize the amount of duplicate users in the system, the case creation process has changed to require a user exist in the system before creating a case for that user. When creating a case for a user who does not exist in the system, the user will be prompted to add the user prior to creating the case. This change is accompanied by a new window where the admin will select the candidate prior to choosing the unit of the case.