RPT Release Notes 2021.03.18

Fixed: API - parse form responses for UTF characters

Committee forms will no longer fail when there is a response including a UTF character. This will reduce, but not completely eliminate, a committee form getting stuck in a ‘Pending’ status.

Fixed: External Evaluator reported seeing "test environment" banner when submitting document

External evaluators will no longer see ‘test environment’ banner when submitting an evaluation.

Fixed: Bulk "Send Forward" function not recorded in case activity log

Cases sent forward via bulk action on the case list page or via public APIs will add a record to the case activity logs.

Fixed: Download annotations in RPT - error invalid URL or method

Resolves an issue that prevented users from downloading their annotations from the document viewer.

When applicable, the ‘View Case’ link in case notification emails will now redirect users to their institution’s SSO login page.

Fixed: API - Merged Users: Committee Form Responses

Resolves an issue that prevents form responses from merged users to successfully generate for viewing.