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Coming Soon in Interfolio Faculty Search: Internal Notes Improvements (Appointment Type + Position Term Length) and 10-year expansion

We heard you! Projected for release within the next month, we will be releasing a couple of improvements to the Internal Notes section for each position within Interfolio Faculty Search. With this release, you’ll gain the ability to differentiate positions by appointment type, and accurately track long-term appointments (such as contract positions).

New Internal Notes

What is changing?

Appointment Types

We are adding a new optional field in Internal Notes, Appointment Type, that allows you to designate a position as one of four built-in types:

  • Fixed Term: Fixed term appointments have a specific termination or renewal date and are typically non-tenure, term-based, or temporary appointments for a specified contract period. Example Ranks: Adjunct, Researcher, Visiting, Temporary, Lecturer
  • Continuing: Indefinite appointments that automatically renew each year or have no expected end date. Example Ranks: Full Time or any non-terminal appointments, typical of administrative/ professional staff
  • Tenure Track: Tenure eligible appointments, or appointments on the Tenure Track. Example Rank: Professor (Tenure Track)
  • Tenured:  Already tenured appointments with no end date. Example Rank: Full Professor (Tenured)

Appointment Type data reporting

We are enabling this new Appointment Type data to be included in applications reports and positions reports.

Expanded position term lengths

We are expanding the available position term length to allow term lengths up to 10 years (120 months).

Who will see the changes?

When released, Administrators and Committee Managers at your institution will see these new options:

  • In any individual positions to which they have access
  • When pulling reports on applications or positions

These should be non-disruptive improvements, and do not require any change in business processes. They are just expanded data options that increase the depth of visibility Interfolio gives you into positions offered at your institution, including via reporting.

What do these options do for me?

The new Appointment Type option will enable you to report on concrete data to answer questions like:

  • Of all the positions we offered within a certain time frame, how many of them were tenure-track versus non-tenure-track appointments?
  • Is there any pattern around which colleges or departments are running searches for continuing positions, versus hiring new fixed-term faculty?
  • Who were all of the non-tenure track faculty members we hired in the last 2 years?
  • How many applicants do non-tenure-track positions actually get, compared to tenure-track?

Previously, some distinctions like this were harder to capture and compare with the available data fields. 

We sincerely appreciate the thoughtful input and collaboration we got from institutions that participated in the design and implementation of these improvements. We’re improving faculty technology together!