Faculty180 Release Notes 2021.06.23

NEW! AACSB reports procedure:

We updated our Reports page to include a popup on AACSB reports that includes a link to this article on changes in AACSB reporting procedures.

Added: (Interfolio Data Service): New banner in Validation panel to reduce confusion

Users will now see a small banner above the contributors portion of the IDS validation panel that informs them they can edit their coauthors after they have saved the record.  

Added: (Interfolio Data Service): New default term in Validation Panel  

The term field in IDS records will now default to the first term in the university’s chronological list of terms (fall, spring, summer, etc.) for all records with publication years outside of the current year.  For publications within the current year, the term field will default to the current term.  It will keep that term for subsequent data loads if the user has not accepted the recommendation.  The field will remain editable so the user can change it.