Faculty Search Release Notes - 2022.02.16

Added: Add failed downloads on email when documents are missing online:

Some Zip and PDF download processes were failing silently when clicking Download PDF / Download Zip and Application document or Combined PDF.   We now include the list of failed documents on the existing email confirmation when downloading FS materials. We have also updated the language of the email.

  • When a user selects to download files for a FS application and 1 or more files fail to be included in the ZIP,  then the email that confirms that files are ready to download also includes the list of files that failed (organized by applicant if multiple selected) and next steps for accessing those files.
  • We changed language of existing email headline to read:
    • Headline: You have documents available for download.
    • (If there are missing files, an attention alert after the headline and above the button that reads:
    • Text: Attention! The following documents could not be processed and are not included in the download.
      • List the titles of failed documents (along with the name of the applicant if more than one applicant) in this format:
        • John Doe: Recommendation from Ed Waters
          • Jane Doe: Research Statement
    • Message text: Please contact our support team at help@interfolio.com for more informatio
    • Button: Get Documents