Release Notes (v.4.05)

Activity Input Form: increased performance 

The Activity Input Form has been optimized to increase its performance speed approximately 90 percent. In addition, the performance speed for several reports has increased 80-90 percent. We are currently working on increasing the performance speed of other reports as well – details will be available soon.

Administrative Reports: bulk export for Standard Vitae

Vitae can now be exported in bulk, allowing multiple vitae to be viewed in the same screen at the same time. Previously, only one vita could be viewed at a time.

To export vitae in bulk, do the following: 

  1. On the Admin menu, click Reports
  2. In the Administrative Reports section, click Standard Vitae.  
  3. Select the unit containing the vitae to be exported. 
  4. Click Bulk Export. The Export dialog box opens.   
  1. Select the desired faculty members and document type. (If the Printable document type is selected, the exported vitae will display in a separate screen. If the Word or PDF document types are selected, you will be prompted you to download a ZIP file.) 
  2. Click Export

Faculty Uploads: allow/disable logon access for inactive faculty accounts 

Administrators can now disable logon access to FACULTY180 for inactive faculty accounts that are not included in faculty uploads. Previously, inactive faculty accounts that were not included in faculty uploads still had logon access to FACULTY180.

To disable logon access for inactive faculty accounts not included in faculty uploads, do the following: 

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration
  2. In the Bulk Data section, click Upload Data. The Upload Data screen displays. 
  3. Click New Upload. The New Upload screen displays.  
  4. In the Select Upload Type list, click Faculty.  
  5. In the Select Semester section, select the Check To Inactivate Faculty Not In Upload check box. The Check To Inactivate Faculty Not In Upload dialog box opens. Select the type of faculty accounts (based on employment status) that should be inactivated and not included in the faculty upload. 
  6. Select the Disable login status for the users selected above check box if FACULTY180 access for the selected inactive users should be disabled. 
  1. Click Submit

Faculty: assign proxy to other users 

Faculty can now select other FACULTY180 users to be a proxy user on their account, allowing proxy users to access the CV information and reports for the faculty accounts they are assigned to. A proxy is similar to emulating another FACULTY180 user, but with the following limitations:

  • A proxy user does not have access to the Admin tab or administrator functions, even if the faculty member for the account they are assigned to has this access. 
  • A proxy user does not have access to the evaluations functionality.
  • A proxy user cannot access dashboard entries related to evaluations.
  • Proxy access expires on a date selected by the faculty member. 

To assign a proxy user to your faculty account, do the following:

  1. On the Faculty menu, click Access Settings. The Access Settings screen displays. 
  1. Access Granted to My Account: Displays faculty members who are currently a proxy user on your faculty account. 
  2. Accounts I Can Access: Displays faculty accounts that you have proxy access to. 

In the Access Granted to My Account section, click Add. The Add Access dialog box opens.  


  1. Select the faculty to whom you wish to assign proxy access. All active faculty accounts are available. 
  2. Select the expiration date for the proxy access. 
  3. Add any notes if necessary. 
  4. Click Save. If necessary, click the Edit icon to make changes to a user’s proxy access. Click the Delete icon to remove a user’s proxy access. 

This feature must be activated for your institution by DATA180. If you would like this feature activated, please contact us.