Release Notes (v.4.12)

Profile Report: Title of Dissertation or Thesis now displays 

The Profile Report now displays the Title of Dissertation or Thesis field in the Degrees section.

To view the Profile Report, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Reports
  2. In the Activity Reports section, click Profile Report
  3. In the Activity drop-down, click Degrees.  
  4. If necessary, select the desired faculty, then click Refresh Report

Evaluation Forms: Numeric Total field now available in custom evaluation forms

Custom evaluation forms now contain an option to include a Numeric Total field. This field contains a sum of the numeric fields in the corresponding column. Previously, only numeric fields could be included in a custom evaluation form – a numeric total field was not available.

To add a Numeric Total field to a custom evaluation form, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Evaluations
  2. In the Evaluations section, click Evaluations
  3. Add a new evaluation or select an existing evaluation. 
  4. In the Custom Evaluation Forms section, add a new custom form or edit an existing custom form. 
  5. In the Form Fields section, click the Field Type list, then click Numeric Total in the Numeric Fields section. 

CCV (Canadian Common Vita): Coauthor role (author and editor) now included in CCV imports

When importing CCV files into FACULTY180, the coauthor role (author and editor) is now included as part of the Book subtype for Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions. This information will also be output through the FACULTY180 API.

FAQs: Request user names be hidden in FAQs

Institutions can now request that the names of FACULTY180 users who submit questions in the FAQ section be hidden. Please submit your request using the online ticket form.

Dashboard: Increased performance speed for multiple coauthor verification Action Item entries

The Dashboard has been optimized to increase its performance speed when a faculty member has multiple coauthor verification entries in the Action Item section

Biosketches: Changes to NSF templates

In accordance with the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedure Guide, the following changes have been made to NSF biosketch templates in FACULTY180:

Collaborators and Other Affiliations information is now a single-copy document to be submitted for all senior/key personnel. The information will no longer be included as part of the Biographical Sketch. The Biographical Sketch will remain two pages. The Collaborators and Other Affiliations single-copy document does not have a page limit, and the detail required has been slightly revised. See Chapter II.C.1.f and Chapter II.C.1.e Additional guidance has been provided regarding the format that must be used for letters of collaboration in Chapter II.C.2.j.

New FAQ Menu

The FAQ menu in the upper-right corner of all screens has been redesigned. There are now two types of FAQs available:

  • Institution FAQs: The Institution FAQs are custom FAQs that can be created by each institution. See Configuration: FAQ Configuration for more information.
  • General FAQs: General FAQs are part of the FACULTY180 knowledge base and contain general information about FACULTY180. The General FAQs are maintained by DATA180.