Release Notes (v.4.16)

Evaluation forms: Lock options for vita

When adding a vita to an evaluation form, administrators can now select a lock method for each vita. The following lock methods are available:

  • Evaluator Accesses Document: the vita will be locked once the evaluator accesses the document 
  • Date & Time: a specific date and time can be selected for locking the vita 
  • Evaluator Saves Evaluation: the vita will be locked when the evaluator saves the evaluation 

To lock a vita as part of an evaluation form, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration
  2. In the Evaluations section, click Evaluations
  3. Add a new evaluation or select an existing evaluation. 
  4. In the Evaluation Documents section, add a new vita or edit an existing vita.  
  5. In the Document Type drop-down, click Add Vita.
  6. Select the Lock Vitas check box. 
  7. Select the appropriate lock method. 
  8. Click Save.

Journal Lists and Metrics: Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

A Copyright and Disclaimer Notice has been added to the Journal Lists screen and New Upload (Journals and Journal Metrics) screens. This pop-up window now displays each time a journal list and journal metrics are imported from an external source.

Evaluations: Academic terms now display for evaluation documents

When a faculty member is performing an evaluation, the academic terms for each evaluation document now display on the View Faculty screen.

  1. On the Faculty menu, click Evaluations
  2. In the Perform Evaluations section, click Evaluate for the desired evaluation process. The View Faculty screen displays. 

Grants: Total Funding now displays

The Grants section now displays the Total Funding for each grant.

  1. On the Faculty menu, click Activities
  2. In the Activities section, click Grants

Vitas: Grants are now displayed by status

Grants are now displayed by the grant status on vitas.

Evaluation Workflows: Dashboard message for early access to evaluations

When the start date for an evaluation step within an evaluation workflow is set to “Completion of Previous Step” and Early Access Notification is enabled, a message now displays in the To Do section on the Dashboard for the evaluator, alerting them that they have early access to an evaluation. Previously, only an e-mail message was sent to the evaluator alerting them of the early access to an evaluation.