Release Notes (v.4.19)

Scholarly Outlet Metrics: Assign metrics to subtypes

When adding/uploading scholarly outlet metrics to FACULTY180, administrators can now associate scholarly outlet metrics with a type(s). The Scholarly Outlet List screen displays the Scholarly Outlet Metrics and their associated types.

To associate a Scholarly Outlet Metric with a type, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the Customize section, click Scholarly Outlet List
  3. Add a new metric or select an existing metric. 
  4. Select the appropriate scholarly outlet type(s). 

When uploading Scholarly Outlet Metrics using the Upload Form screen, the Type field is optional.

Support Accounts: Indicators for delegates and evaluators

The Manage Support Accounts screen now contains filters for displaying support accounts based on whether they are delegates and/or evaluators.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration
  2. In the Tools section, click Support Accounts
  3. Select an existing unit. The support accounts associated with the selected unit display. 
  4. If desired, filter the results to show/hide support accounts that are delegates and/or evaluators. 

Support Accounts: Active/inactive status now available

Administrators can now specify if a support account should be active/inactive. By default, all support accounts are considered active.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration
  2. In the Tools section, click Support Accounts
  3. To deactivate a support account, clear the Active check box adjacent to the desired support account. 

Activity Input Report: Filter data based on unit and form

The Activity Input Report can now be filtered based upon unit and the selected form.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Reports
  2. In the Reports section, click Activity Input Report
  3. If desired, filter the results based on the unit and the type of form. 

FACULTY180 API: Printable HTML versions of standard vitas now available

The FACULTY180 API now allows printable versions of standard vitas to be retrieved. For more information, see the FACULTY180 API documentation.

Activity Input Form: Add URL field type to new sections

When adding a new section to an Activity Input Form, administrators can now add a URL field type.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the Configuration section, click Activity Input Form
  3. Select an existing unit.  
  4. Edit an existing activity input form or add a new activity input form. 
  5. Click Add Section. The Add Section screen displays. 
  6. In the Section Fields - Field Type list, click URL in the Text Fields section. 
  7. Click Save when you have finished creating the new section.