Release Notes (v.4.20

Activity Input Form (Teaching section): Allow administrators to disable grouping of courses

Administrators can now disable the functionality that allows faculty members to group courses in the Teaching section on the Activity Input Form.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the Configuration section, click Activity Input Form
  3. Select an existing unit.  
  4. Edit an existing activity input form or add a new activity input form. 
  5. Click the Edit icon for the Teaching section. The Edit Activity Input Section screen displays. 
  6. In the Faculty Access list, select the Disable “Group Courses” during faculty input checkbox. 
  7. Click Save when you are finished. 

Prior Activity Input Forms: Downloadable/printable versions now available

Faculty can now download and print prior activity input forms.

  1. On the Faculty menu, click Forms & Reports
  2. In the Reports section, click Prior Activity Input Forms
  3. Click the Actions icon for the desired prior activity input form. 
  4. Click the Print or PDF icon. 

Support Accounts: New dashboard; share quicklinks with support accounts

The Dashboard for support accounts now displays a To Do message section. This section lists evaluations that need to be performed and invitations to accept shared quicklinks. Quicklinks in FACULTY180 can now be shared with support accounts. 

To share a quicklink:  

  1. Click the Quicklinks menu in the upper-right corner of any screen. 
  2. Click Manage Quicklinks. The Manage Quicklinks screen displays. 
  3. Click the Share icon for the quicklink(s) to be shared.  
  4. Click Select Faculty.  
  5. In the Standard Filters section, select the Show Support Accounts check box. 
  6. Select the desired support accounts. 
  7. Click the Select Faculty button, then click Save. The Quicklink is now shared with the selected support accounts. 

Scholarly Contributions & Creative Productions: New help functionality for manual input

A help button has been added for the Manual Input section on the Activity Input - Scholarly Contributions & Creative Productions screen. To specify the help text to display for your institution, please complete a support ticket and include the desired help text.

Dashboard – Show/hide Search Faculty feature

The Search Faculty feature on the Dashboard can now be removed for your institution. If your institution does not want the Search Faculty feature to be available, please complete a support ticket.

Internal FACULTY180 Support: Allow institutions to add contact information for internal FACULTY180 support

Institutions can now add a help link in the upper-right corner of all FACULTY180 screens for internal FACULTY180 support.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the School section, click Details
  3. In the Miscellaneous section, type the name of the help link in the Help Link Shown To Users field. 
  4. Type the contact information in the Details For Help Link field. 
  5. Click Save

Administrative Rights: Additional rights available for units

Additional administrative rights are now available for units as part of its organizational structure. The available options are now more detailed. For example, administrators can specify the type of administrative rights to be assigned for individual reports within FACULTY180.

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the School section, click Organizational Structure
  3. Edit an existing unit/subunit.  
  4. In the Administrative Rights section, specify the administrative rights for the selected unit/subunit. 

ABET Reports: Add Faculty Qualifications and Faculty Workload tables

The ABET reports now contain the Faculty Qualifications and Faculty Workload tables. Please complete a support ticket to have this functionality activated for your institution.

Reports: Validating academic terms

When validating the academic terms for reports, an error message now displays if the selected academic terms are not valid.

Evaluations Report: Access to locked documents

The Evaluations Report now provides access to locked documents that are part of an evaluation.

Profile Form: Work Experience - Description field is now a rich text field

The Description field in the Profile form – Work Experience section is now a rich text field.

  1. On the Faculty menu, click Profile
  2. In the Work Experience section, edit an existing position or add a new position. 
  3. Type a description in the Description field, if desired.