Release Notes (v.4.22)


Dashboard: New dashboard and reporting capabilities (beta for U.S. institutions)

If your institution is interested in serving as a beta testing site for this new feature, please have your FACULTY180 administrator fill out a support ticket. See a preview of the new dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Vitas: New option for hiding the vita name on vitas

  • Administrators: When configuring an institutional vita, administrators can now specify if the vita name should be displayed on institutional vitas.  
  • Faculty: When creating a personal vita, faculty members can now specify if the vita name should display on personal vitas. 


Activity Overview – By Faculty Report: Display Logon Percentages for Units

The Activity Overview – By Faculty Report now contains options for displaying the number of active faculty members, the percentage who have logged on, and the last login date by unit.

Activity Input Forms: New date field for ongoing activities when adding new fields to sections

When adding a date field to a section on an Activity Input Form, a new field type for ongoing activities is now available. This option allows faculty members to select ‘ongoing’ as an end date for activities. Previously, a specific end date needed to be specified.

Reports: Performance improvements

Reports have been optimized for increased performance.

Vitas: Specify the sort order of fields in custom sections

Administrators can now specify the sort order for fields within custom sections in vitas. The default settings are:

  • Profile Form custom sections: if there is no start term or end term, fields are sorted in ascending or descending order by the first field listed. 
  • Activity Input Forms custom sections: fields are sorted by ascending or descending order based on the start term 

Activity Input Form: Edit activities in locked sections for imported data

When importing activity data into FACULTY180, administrators can now allow certain activities in locked sections to be edited. Please contact DATA180 for more information.

Evaluations: Deactivate evaluation forms and faculty classification forms

Administrators are now able to deactivate evaluation forms and faculty classification forms. If a form is deactivated, it will not be available to use when creating a new evaluation or editing an existing evaluation. Administrators can also specify access rights for this feature at the unit level.

To deactivate or activate an evaluation form or faculty classification form, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration
  2. In the Evaluations section, click Evaluation Forms.  
  3. Select the desired unit. The Evaluation Forms screen displays. 
  4. Click the Active check mark icon adjacent to the form to be deactivated. An exclamation point now displays, indicating the form has been deactivated. (To activate a form that has been deactivated, click the exclamation point.) 

To specify the access rights for this feature, do the following:

  1. On the Admin menu, click Setup
  2. In the School section, click Organizational Structure
  3. Click the Edit icon for the unit to be changed. The Edit Subunit screen opens. 
  4. In the Evaluations section, change the Evaluation Forms option in the Tools section to the desired access right. 
  5. Save the changes. 


Data Import: Import scholarly work data from third party physics databases

Scholarly works data can now be imported into FACULTY180 from the following third party physics databases. Contact DATA180 for additional information and to have this functionality activated for your institution.